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“Animals. Animals. Animals everywhere…”


My husband and I share our approx. 900 sq. ft apartment with our two cats and our aforementioned dog. Sometimes having three critters plus ourselves in a smallish space can be overwhelming but other times I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve always shared my life with animals except for a few brief stints in my 20s when I couldn’t have pets due to lease restrictions. Growing up I’ve had up to 3 cats at a time, a dog, chickens, goldfish, tropical fish, parakeets, a Corn snake, and a pony. If I had the space, I’m sure I’d be in danger of becoming a crazy pet lady.

Our current menagerie started with our cat Bogey. We adopted him from a rescue group here in L.A. when he was aboutĀ  2 years old. He originally came with the name Spartacus because he’s a big muscular male cat but that name suited a warrior not our adopted scaredy-cat so he was renamed Agador Spartacus in reference to a character in the movie The Birdcage. That name was a bit unwieldy so he picked up the nickname Bogart from J.K Rowling’s descriptions of boggarts in the Harry Potter books as being creatures that hide in dark spaces which then got shortened to Bogey. So in summary, this cat’s full name is Agador Spartacus Bogart a.k.a Bogey. He’s still a bit of a scaredy-cat but he’s gotten better over the last 7 years we’ve had him though he still is very similar to a fellow blogger’s description of their cat he calls The Other Cat.

The next cat that came into our lives was Nyx from a woman threatening to take her to the pound if no one adopted her. When she first arrived, she was a very petite Egyptian statue looking black cat and was named after the Greek goddess of night. Soon after getting her she had some pretty disgusting health issues and is now shaped like a football. She’s an oddball of a little cat but she’s very friendly and is much more outgoing than Bogey and she’s been a part of our house for about 3 years.

Our dog Monty is the latest addition. My husband and I had been wanting a dog for awhile since we’d both been raised with dogs and missed their companionship. We debated for a couple years and then decided to take the plunge a year ago and got a dog. We were hoping a dog would just show up in our lives but that wasn’t happening so we started searching online through various rescues. We wanted a bigger dog, 1-2 years old, with short hair but the dog’s personality meshing with ours was the most important requirement. Our dog chose us at a rescue event and the fantastic people at the Dawg Squad let us adopt him. He came with the name McGee but we changed it to Montana for a couple of reasons. My husband’s parents have a dog named Indiana so we thought it’d be fun to continue the states theme, we had just come back from a trip to Montana, and it’s the last name of my husband’s favorite retired quarterback. The dog’s full name is Montana McGee a.k.a Monty and is a fantastic dog. We’ve debated about starting a fan site justĀ  for him because everyone loves Monty.

All three of our critters are rescued from the pound or from people who didn’t want them anymore and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We didn’t care if they were purebred or not so all of them are unpapered mutts kinda like their owners. They are all very loving and somewhat well-adjusted animals no different from their bought as kittens/puppies counterparts. I try not to be preachy but I really urge people wanting a pet to look at rescues and the pound first before buying their animal from a breeder because pet over-population/abandonment is a huge issue. Also, consider black animals as they are the least likely to be adopted.