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I’m a slave to V=IR a.k.a Ohms for the poor


So on both Wednesday and Thursday nights I intended to write about how much I enjoy classic, antique, and high-performance cars. I planned on uploading a few of the pictures I have of gorgeous Bugattis (pl?), Aston Martins, and some other beautifully designed vehicles we took pictures of on a visit to the Peterson Auto Museum. However, we actually experienced some weather in Los Angeles and had massive windstorms that knocked down trees and power-lines. The lights started flickering on Wednesday night interrupting my marathon knitting and watching Twin Peaks sessions and then went completely black about 10 o’clock. Luckily, we have a lot of red and gold candle-holders lying around for football season so I had light but no power hence no pretty pictures were uploaded.

Power was still off the next morning on our block even though others just a few streets away had power and unfortunately work still had electricity so no surprise day off for me. Commuting in L.A. is bad enough but throw in a few stoplights being out and in a matter of days I think we’d have a Twilight Zone The Monsters Due on Maple Street situation here. Power was still dead by the time I got off work so my husband cleared out the fridge and packed the ice chest full of perishables. We were unmotivated to crawl into our closet to find our campstove and went out to Mexican food at a place called El Conquistador known for their fantastic knock you on your ass tasty margaritas. After two of those I was feeling pretty good so we invited the neighbors over to play Apples to Apples and when we got home we had power. Yeah!

Candles are romantic and all but I’m really a fan of electricity.

From a recent email chain sent to me:

Wikipedia: I know everything!

Facebook: I know everybody!

Internet: Without me you are nothing.

Electricity: Keep talking bitches.


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