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I’m a slave to V=IR a.k.a Ohms for the poor


So on both Wednesday and Thursday nights I intended to write about how much I enjoy classic, antique, and high-performance cars. I planned on uploading a few of the pictures I have of gorgeous Bugattis (pl?), Aston Martins, and some other beautifully designed vehicles we took pictures of on a visit to the Peterson Auto Museum. However, we actually experienced some weather in Los Angeles and had massive windstorms that knocked down trees and power-lines. The lights started flickering on Wednesday night interrupting my marathon knitting and watching Twin Peaks sessions and then went completely black about 10 o’clock. Luckily, we have a lot of red and gold candle-holders lying around for football season so I had light but no power hence no pretty pictures were uploaded.

Power was still off the next morning on our block even though others just a few streets away had power and unfortunately work still had electricity so no surprise day off for me. Commuting in L.A. is bad enough but throw in a few stoplights being out and in a matter of days I think we’d have a Twilight Zone The Monsters Due on Maple Street situation here. Power was still dead by the time I got off work so my husband cleared out the fridge and packed the ice chest full of perishables. We were unmotivated to crawl into our closet to find our campstove and went out to Mexican food at a place called El Conquistador known for their fantastic knock you on your ass tasty margaritas. After two of those I was feeling pretty good so we invited the neighbors over to play Apples to Apples and when we got home we had power. Yeah!

Candles are romantic and all but I’m really a fan of electricity.

From a recent email chain sent to me:

Wikipedia: I know everything!

Facebook: I know everybody!

Internet: Without me you are nothing.

Electricity: Keep talking bitches.


Random awesome link of the day:

A walk in L.A.


Last Saturday my husband’s family was visiting from Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa so we decided to do the Art Deco walking tour through the L.A. Conservancy. I never realized how many art deco buildings were located in downtown L.A. until we started walking around. The tour was definitely worth the price if you like that sort of thing and I highly recommend it.  My favorite part of the tour was seeing the interior of what was known as the Southern California Edison Building which has since been renamed to One Bunker Hill pictured above. The mix of stone textures, colors, paintings, and lighting details were breathtaking.

After the tour, we wandered over to another spectacular building know as the Bradbury Building pictured below. This building predates Art Deco so it wasn’t included on the tour but it is worth visiting. One of these times I’d love to take a ride in the wrought iron elevators but they aren’t open to the general public as this building is still being used as office space.

Following the Bradbury Building, we took a short ride up Angel’s Flight which is a very short funicular up a large hill downtown. Apparently Angelinos didn’t like walking even a hundred years ago. I’d never heard of a funicular and may have to use one in my not so epic novel I’m supposedly writing for NaNoWriMo.

All in all it was an enjoyable day exploring downtown and acting like a tourist. Also on the tour was a guy I had a crush on in the 8th grade who I hadn’t seen since I graduated high school in Northern California. What are the odds?

New challenges


So in the last couple of years I’ve done a few things that were scary/challenging/different than the normal routine. I graduated college with an engineering degree in December of 2007 which was a seriously epic saga. It took me years longer to accomplish that degree than the standard 4 years but through a lot of ups and downs I did it. Yes, I know that roughly 1/3 of the U.S. population has accomplished at least a bachelors degree but I still feel like this was huge hurdle.

Two years ago in Sept. my husband and I went to Australia for vacation and had an absolutely fantastic trip. We did the whirlwind tour of the eastern side of the continent. Sydney–>Melbourne–>Hobart–>Uluru–>Port Douglas–>Sydney. In preparation for this trip we learned how to SCUBA dive because we wanted to dive the Great Barrier Reef. I did not take to diving nearly as well as my husband but I did it and got my Open Water certification. I’m still psyching myself up for the Advanced Certification night dive but it’ll happen.

This October we jumped out of an airplane for my birthday and did the crazy obstacle course called the Warrior Dash.

Having the chance to experience all these adventures has been a bit hectic at times but they have thoroughly taught me that I can accomplish things that seriously intimidate/scare me. In that vein I have decided to take on the challenge of National Novel Writing Month. Wish me luck.

This is Halloween!


I love Halloween! Tonight my husband and I are going to LACMA’s Tim Burton exhibit. I have two boxes of Halloween costumes I’ve worn over the years so tonight I’m going to mix and match going for a dark bride look inspired by Lydia’s costume in Beetlejuice.

In years past I’ve dressed up as a dead doll, a succubus, Rogue from the X-men,  a Japanese ghost, Catwoman, a plague dancer, a gothic can-can dancer, and many other things. From the time my Dad made me cat ears out of electrical tape, wire, and a headband, I’ve always appreciated the home-made and pieced together costumes versus the store bought but it’s always a treat to see what people come up with.

Whatever your plans tonight be safe, have fun, and let your imaginations run wild.

Secret stairs and pretty flowers


Before I get distracted today by random links, emails and other internet goodies I’ll share a couple pics from my neighborhood dog walking adventures.

I live on the east side of L.A. in a neighborhood know as Silverlake/Los Feliz in between downtown and Griffith Park. The area has been around long enough to develop a unique character that most people don’t associate with typical L.A. strip malls, suburbia, and freeways. The landscape around my house is very hilly and reminds me of my favorite city, San Francisco. When the  neighborhood was originally built in the 1920s and 30s planners included public stairways as a safer more direct route for pedestrians to access public transportation, schools, and shopping areas instead of walking on the streets.  These public stairs still exist and are scattered around the hills but a lot of them aren’t obvious unless you’re looking for them. My husband and I have dubbed them secret stairs and have a lot of fun finding them while walking our  dog.

I’ve noticed that the higher you go up these hills the nicer the neighborhoods get. Combine nice neighborhoods and nearly year round sunshine and you get beautiful landscaping. The vivid blooming flowers draw my attention often while walking around.


In other news, I’m driving up to Santa Cruz tonight to participate in the Warrior Dash tomorrow. Hopefully all those weeks of p90X videos will pay off.

City of Angels?


I have a love/hate relationship with the city of L.A. but because I’m focusing on the positives here I will write about one of things I really enjoy about Los Angeles.

I love all the art, culture, music, food, and other random events you can go to in this city. Los Angeles is one of the most diverse cities in the country if not the world. On any given night there are so many options of things to do that I don’t see how I could be bored if I am willing to leave the house.

Friday night my husband and I went to a fashion show at the lot of Sunset Gower Studios for Anthony Franco. Going to a fashion show is not my typical Friday night but it was fun to stand on a red carpet in Hollywood, have a few free drinks, and my husband high-fived Jack Black. We went to the after-party at a club called Tru and then headed over to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles for some seriously delicious food. The yams were amazing and my mouth is starting salivate just writing about them.

As I mentioned in my post on Friday, we went to Dia de los Muertos at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Saturday with our neighbors. I took a few pictures of my favorite altars but they really don’t do the event justice. Everywhere you looked there were people dressed in gorgeous costumes, vendors with objects I’d love to own, and touching altars to ancestors, celebrities, and important events.

P.S. A friend of mine had this link on his Facebook page and I just had to share: Take Back Halloween. I’ve never been a fan of store bought costumes due to their expense and unoriginality and this site has some fantastic ideas for avoiding the Sexy_____ costumes trap. I see a Pele or Minoan Queen costume in my future.

Mexican art and color


Color makes me happy and Mexican art is full of it.

I love the blues of Frida Kahlo’s house mixed with the terracotta hues of the bricks and pottery scattered around the courtyard. I haven’t visited her Casa Azul but it’s definitely on my list of places to see.

The Huichol people make amazing pieces of art mixing sacred symbols, beads, and gorgeous designs. My grandma taught me to cross-stitch and one of these days I’d like to tackle a Huichol inspired cross-stitch.

The Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) holiday is a treasure trove of art and color. I’m attending Hollywood Forever’s Dia de Los Muertos event and can’t wait to see all the gorgeous altars and processions.