Monthly Archives: November 2011

Go…go…go…and crash

My dog’s version of sharing the bed.

For pretty much the whole month of October, my husband and I did not take a break. To name a few of the things we did we went to a wedding in the redwoods, skydiving in Vegas, Dia de los Muertos, and Warrior Dash along with working full time and my husband’s Second City improv show every Sunday. On Tuesday night my body finally rebelled and smacked me upside the head with a nasty sore throat, joint achiness, and a miserable headcold. Yesterday, I think I was actually awake and functioning a total of 6 hours or so.

There is nothing so awesome as a day of lazing after going and going. I lazed in my California king size bed with my dog on one side of me and my cat on the other. I’m sorry honey that you had to be at work at 6 am the last two days but don’t worry I thought of how much nicer it would be if you were snoozing next to me and it’s the thought that counts right? At some point I decided that I couldn’t stay in bed all day so I took the dog to the dog park and came back home only to crash on the couch for the rest of the day. I was worried that with so much sleeping and napping that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep but apparently that was a silly thing to worry about because I fell right asleep after a chapter of The Fountainhead.


New challenges


So in the last couple of years I’ve done a few things that were scary/challenging/different than the normal routine. I graduated college with an engineering degree in December of 2007 which was a seriously epic saga. It took me years longer to accomplish that degree than the standard 4 years but through a lot of ups and downs I did it. Yes, I know that roughly 1/3 of the U.S. population has accomplished at least a bachelors degree but I still feel like this was huge hurdle.

Two years ago in Sept. my husband and I went to Australia for vacation and had an absolutely fantastic trip. We did the whirlwind tour of the eastern side of the continent. Sydney–>Melbourne–>Hobart–>Uluru–>Port Douglas–>Sydney. In preparation for this trip we learned how to SCUBA dive because we wanted to dive the Great Barrier Reef. I did not take to diving nearly as well as my husband but I did it and got my Open Water certification. I’m still psyching myself up for the Advanced Certification night dive but it’ll happen.

This October we jumped out of an airplane for my birthday and did the crazy obstacle course called the Warrior Dash.

Having the chance to experience all these adventures has been a bit hectic at times but they have thoroughly taught me that I can accomplish things that seriously intimidate/scare me. In that vein I have decided to take on the challenge of National Novel Writing Month. Wish me luck.