Ooo Sparkles!


Today I’m inspired by jewelry. On October 14th I was lucky enough to score a ticket to see some of Dame Elizabeth Taylor’s collection that Christie’s will be auctioning off in December. The pieces were gorgeous and absolutely decadent. I myself don’t wear a lot of jewelry nor does my life afford me the opportunities to wear pieces like the ones in this collection but I do appreciate the artistry, skill, and beauty of those stones.

I have been interested in beading and jewelry making since I was a kid and used to make beaded Indian style earrings but after an unfortunate bead spillage I stopped. I would like to get back into it and today’s email from Jewelry Making rekindled my interest. The magazine has a contest every year called Bead Dreams. The piece that really caught my eye was the winner in the crystal jewelry category called, “I Will Rise,” by Francesca Walton. I love the reds and the Asian demon mask look to it.

Unrelated to jewelry, but I was up late again last night reading The Fountainhead and a granite quarry! Really? Things aren’t looking good for Howard.

Also Happy Diwali!


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